Edmonton Incinerator

Even after the Council declared a climate emergency in 2019, it continued doing “business as usual” in many areas of its work. Hackney Council is pressing ahead to double the size of the Edmonton incinerator even though recycling rates have risen more than projected, rendering the additional capacity unnecessary (they claim that unproven Carbon Capture and Storage may be added to the incinerator at an unspecified future point).

To plough ahead regardless comes at the expense of recycling and climate.It also increases toxic air in Edmonton, our neighbouring borough and home to many marginalised communities. A Green Mayor will commit to not doubling the size of the Edmonton incinerator and instead will increase recycling rates and invest in cutting-edge technology such as material and biological treatment of waste.

I pledge to:

  • Make sure that the Council removes all single-use items and fossil-based plastics from Council-run cafés and facilities in order to lead by example.
  • Ensure Council procurement is as efficient as possible in all sectors, to reduce waste to a minimum.
  • Promote sustainability through licensing and explore business rates discounts to encourage shops, cafés and restaurants to cut down on single-use packaging.
  • Review the approach to bulky waste collection, to encourage re-use and reduce fly-tipping. I will look at the data and consult with residents.
  • Bring a Library of Things to every ward in Hackney, to enable residents to borrow useful household items; I will also expand the scheme so it is a Library of Things and Toys.
  • Work with community groups to set up, promote, and support “Reuse and Repair” hubs across the borough.
  • Establish a Community Skill-Share at Dalston CLR James Library with a view to expanding it across the borough.
  • Expand the Council’s food waste composting scheme to include all homes.
  • Work with residents to increase recycling rates on estates.
  • Crack down on commercial fly-tippers and increase awareness.
  • Continue to oppose the rebuild of the Edmonton Incinerator, listen to residents and experts about the harmful effects of burning waste, and work for a solution that is better for the climate and public health.
  • Invest in future-facing solutions for our waste including innovations like Material and Biological Treatment, to replace waste-burning.

My Plan For Hackney