The power and importance of young people’s voices has been shown by many youth-led movements such as the young climate activists. A Green Mayor will strengthen the voices of young people in council scrutiny, policy making and inspections. I will work with, and listen to, young people’s representative groups such as Hackney’s Youth Parliament, I will also:

  • Hold a young people’s Mayor’s questions
  • Enable Hackney’s Youth Parliament to propose budget amendments

I will also call for the voting age to be brought down to 16 years old for all elections so that young people have more of a say over their future.

I will hand over power directly to citizens of Hackney and help people to win more power over their own lives, homes, and communities. In addition to the above, I will do this by:

  • Including disabled people’s advocates more closely in the work of the council
  • Strengthening the power of our SEND Parent Carer forum (Hackney Independent Parents)
  • Holding a more regular, more powerful, wider reaching Citizen’s Assembly supported by a network of community panels on the climate and ecological emergency. These will be delivered with local expert organisations
  • Working closely with community organisations to support and encourage wide, diverse participation in council scrutiny and planning, working together to minimise barriers to participation such as language
  • Introducing participatory budgeting, for up to 20 per cent of the council budget by 2022 so that residents can decide how budgets are spent
  • Replacing town plans with people’s plans
  • Requiring resident-led planning to be supported from the start of the process for any changes to estates
  • Support, work with and listen to unions including workers unions, student unions and independent renters unions
  • Asking residents, through a referendum, whether they would like to move from a council cabinet structure, where a few people hold a lot of power, to a committee system where more councillors (representing residents) have a say in the business of the borough
  • Regularly sharing information and being transparent so residents are informed of key decisions and updates to make participation in scrutiny as easy as possible.

My Plan for Hackney